Garinish Garden on Garinish Island near Glengariff

Garinish garden

Another beautiful garden in Ireland…

The Garinish Garden is located on Garinish Island (Garinis in Irish) from Glengariff Harbor in Bantry Bay in southwestern Ireland.

Garinish Garden Island


Garinish Garden Island view from a plane

Its 15 hectare area boasts a mild and moist microclimate conducive to lush vegetation with subtropical gardens – yes you read it right, ‘subtropical’ in Ireland 🙂 – and other trees and species very hard to find in the world!

Not to be confused with Garinish Island in County Kerry, it is also called Oilean an Chulinn, which means ‘Island of Holly‘.

It is a place visited by many tourists who come to admire its beautiful gardens and see colonies of seals who have taken up residence there.
There are also many bird colonies.

Seal Garinish Island Garden

More than 80 years ago, the partnership between Annan and Violet Bryce, then the owners of the island, and Harold Peto, architect and renowned garden designer, made it possible to begin the adventure.

The richness of the forms and colors of the island, which change continuously with the seasons make it its reputation.

The trails lead to many fascinating gardens, such as the clock tower, the casita, the Greek temple, and the Martello tower.

Bryce House has been the family home on the island for many years, and would be as it was built at the time.
A collection of paintings, drawings, books is present inside.

Garinish Island is managed by the Public Works Bureau.

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