Derreen Garden

Derreen garden Kerry

Derreen Garden is a garden located in County Kerry covering over 60 acres of garden and offering over 12km of trails. The views are magnificent, including views of Kilmakilloge Bay and the distant mountains (Caha and McGillicuddy Reeks).

Many rare and exotic plants (some from the Himalayas!) can be seen. Rhododendrons and tree ferns are the specialty of this garden.
The mossy and narrow paths, which form a veritable labyrinth, pass through conifers, ferns, and superb bamboo and eucalyptus groves.
The climate is mild and humid.

And of course you’ll find the red squirrel, the Irish hare and the Sika deer. Many birds are present such as seagulls, cormorants, sea eagles, great northern divers etc..

The walks last between 30 minutes and an hour, but of course it all depends on your taste for wildlife and magnificent views…
It is possible to picnic and have a hot drink at the chalet (near the car park) or even a beer in a pub in Kilmakilloge!

There are 20 houses so far situated in this garden, and apparently it is possible to see the Derrenies, which measure 5 cm. The last one was observed in 1855… 🙂

The 5th Marquess of Lansdowne (1866), was attracted by the remoteness of the garden where he made his summer residence.
In 1870, he began planting 400 acres of trees and shrubs from India and Canada.
The house still belongs to his descendants!


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