A tarmac driveway in your beautiful garden: DIY or a Professional?

forest garden

If you are looking for a solution to get your driveway paved for your beautiful garden, you can think of two ways.

Either you do it yourself or you can hire a professional!

Some questions you need to ask yourself

First you need to choose the way you can pave your driveway as there are many options: granite, cobblelock, tarmac/asphalt, porcelain paving…

Let’s imagine we pick the easiest solution which is to make a tarmac driveway. Here is our partner to do it in a professional and affordable way: https://tarmacdriveways.ie/

Ok now you can think, I can do it.

Let’s see what it involves as it’s true you may save some quids by doing it yourself.


Maybe you will think of looking for some videos on Youtube to see how it can be done.

There are not so many.


The different steps to do your tarmac driveway in your garden

But whatever, you feel like it’s feasible, so you will find below the different steps to accomplish the job properly.

  • You will probably need to sweep off the loose millings and debris after demolition and removal.
  • Have you thought about the water that has to run-off appropriately?

For this you will need to prepare the surface for appropriate water drainage! Laser-guided transits and automatic motor graders would be the perfect tools to use.

  • Prepare the sub base to provide a stable surface to support new pavement. During this installation, base stability and compaction are essential steps.
  • With a compacted sub base, a proof roll can be an important step to ensure the surface is strong enough to support new asphalt.
  • Once any soft areas are identified and repaired we can think of adding the binder layer that can be thought as the strength of the new asphalt surface..
  • Now you can add the new asphalt surface made of small aggregate, sand and oil.
  • What about the butt joints which are areas where old asphalt meets new asphalt pavement? It requires special attention. Especially because you d’ont want that drivers and pedestrians notice any difference in the surfaces.
  • Finally, the final roll with a roller truck to make sure there are no small bumps of stone etc.  


tarmac workers

The tools to do your tarmac driveway by yourself

Here is the list of tools you will need to achieve all these steps:

Asphalt Shovel

Asphalt boots

Squeegees and Brushes


Measuring and Marking Tools

Pothole Tamper



Crevice and Crack Cleaners
Paint Stripers


So now you have a better idea on how to make your tarmac driveway and how much time it would take you to do it. If you have a lot of friends, family ready to help and if you are motivated it’s feasible, if not you can easily hire a professional!